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Sixteenth Century Society and Conference (SCSC)

At the annual SCSC conference, the Calvin Studies Society is proud to sponsor two sessions.  Please join Session 17 (1 Nov., 10:30am, room: Enchantment C), entitled "Unorthodox Religions and Practices in Calvinist Geneva" which will feature the following papers:

  • "A Jesuit Reading Calvin: John Hay, Catholic Polemics, and Religious Identity" (Jill R. Fehleison, Quinnipiac University)
  • "The Intensification of Discipline in Calvin’s Geneva: Attacking Non-Conformity" (Jeffrey R. Watt, University of Mississippi)
  • "Lambert Daneau on Islam and the Problem of Unorthodox Beliefs" (Kirk Summers, University of Alabama)

In addition, please join Session 167 (4 Nov., 8:30am, room: Fiesta 2), entitled "Church Discipline and Banishment in Dutch Reformed Churches in and Outside of the Netherlands" for the following papers:

  • "Dutch Reformed Identity Formation: Sabbath and Education in Wemeldinge, Netherlands" (Kyle Dieleman, Trinity Christian College)
  • "Church Discipline in the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Reformed Church in the East Indies: Church Orders, Sermons, and Practice" (Yudha Thianto, Trinity Christian College)
  • '“He deserves to be severely punished': The Banishment and Deportation of Criminals, Political Enemies, and Religious Outsiders in New Netherlands, 1638-1664" (Danny Noorlander, State University of New York, Oneonta)
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Calvin Studies Society Colloquium

The 2019 CSS Colloquium on the theme of "Calvin and the Old Testament" will be held at Trinity Christian College on 11-13 April 2019.  Please visit the website for more details on this event.  The following presentations will be featured:

  • Sujin Pak – “Calvin Beyond Literal and Allegorical Readings: Calvin and Old Testament Metaphors”
  • Michael VanderWeele – “What Can Literary Studies Learn from Calvin's Reading of Deuteronomy?”
  • Jeff Fisher – “Calvin and Oecolampadius on the Servant Songs in Isaiah”
  • Paul Lim – “Reading Genesis on the Trinity in Post-Reformation England”
  • Christine Kooi - “Who were the Israelites in the Netherlandish Reformation?”
  • Scott Manetsch – “Pastoral Principles and Practice in Calvin’s Commentaries on the Jewish Prophets”
  • Thomas Davis – “For the Beauty of the Earth: Creation, Humankind, and Calvin in the Work of Marilynne Robinson”
  • Todd Billings – “A True Anatomy of the Soul?: The Place of Anger in Calvin's Interpretation of Lament Psalms”
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