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2019 Colloquium - presenter REGISTRATION



Dear Colloquium Presenter...

Thank you in advance for your contribution to the 2019 Colloquium!  In recognition of your role, the Calvin Studies Society is making arrangements for you in the following ways:

  • waiving the registration fee (including the Friday Banquet).

  • booking and covering a room for you at the Holiday Inn Crestwood, in your name. Since the Colloquium begins at 1:00pm on Thursday and we will be all done by 12:30pm on Saturday, your room has been booked for Wednesday through Friday nights. If you would like to stay longer, please contact them directly at (708) 597-3330 to amend your room reservation. The hotel is 3 miles from the meeting site, and a shuttle will be in operation to ferry presenters and participants back-and-forth (in the morning and evening).

  • covering the cost of your transportation. If you will be driving yourself to the Colloquium, the Calvin Studies Society will reimburse your mileage. If you will fly, Yudha Thianto will work with you directly to arrange the flight. If you have unused travel funds from your school and wish to save the Colloquium the costs of the travel by booking your own reservations, that would be greatly appreciated. Please note that mileage and airfare can only be reimbursed after a receipt is submitted to Yudha Thianto. Please email Yudha Thianto directly if you have additional questions.

As you plan your trip, here are other items that might be helpful:

  • Look over a Google map of Trinity Christian College HERE and download a campus map HERE.

  • Look over the list of Colloquium details and presentations HERE.

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