Calvin Studies Society published the proceedings of its colloquia after each meeting during the years 1976-2005 (while some volumes have sold out, the below are available for purchase).

Beginning in 2007, the presentations were published as edited volumes, and the links to are provided.


  • "Le glaive de la parolle véritable: The Will of God and Divine Worship Guillaume Farel’s Later Writings" by Jason Zuidema
  • "By Your Spirit: The Pneumatology of Sixteenth-Century Reformed Liturgies for the Lord’s Supper" by Sue Rozeboom
  • "Permeable Borders: Cross-Confessional Encounters and Traditions in Reformation Geneva" by Karin Maag
  • "The Quest for Anonymity: Laurent de Normandie, His Colporteurs, and the Expansion of Reformed Communities through Worship" by Jeannine Olson
  • "The Material Culture of the Lord’s Supper: Adiaphora, Beakers and Communion Plate in the Dutch Republic" by Andrew Spicer
  • "Voetius Outscored" by Randall Engle
  • "The Seduction of Idols: Dutch Calvinist Readings of Worship and Society in Seventeenth-Century Asia" by Charles H. Parker
  • "Toward a Reformed Theory of Ritual in Modernity" by Theodore M. Vial

2013 Colloquium: "Calvin and the Book"

  • "Calvin and Luther as Men of the Book" by Andrew Pettegree
  • "Practicing the Books of Discipline: The Problem of Equality before the Law in Scottish Parish Consistories" by Margo Todd
  • "Replacing Calvin? The Catechism of Calvin in Eighteenth-Century Geneva" by Jennifer Powell McNutt
  • "Calvin the Historian: Biblical Antiquity and Scriptural Exegesis in the Quest for a Meaningful Past" by Euan Cameron
  • "Creating a Reformed Book of Knowledge: Immanuel Tremellius, Franciscus Junius, and Their Latin Bible,1580–1590" by Bruce Gordon
  • "God’s Play: Calvin, Theatre, and the Rise of the Book" by William Dyrness
  • "'Even More Deeply Moved': Calvin on the Rhetorical, Formational Function of Scripture and Doctrine" by Matthew Myer Boulton

2011 Colloquium: "Calvin and Luther: the continuing relationship"

  • "Calvin and Luther: The Relationship that Still Echoes" by R. Ward Holder
  • "Luther and Calvin on the Nature and Function of Prophecy: The Case of the Minor Prophets" by G. Sujin Pak
  • "'Forgetting him selfe after a most filthie and shamefull sorte': Martin Luther and John Calvin on Genesis 9" by David M. Whitford
  • "Theology and Music for Luther and Calvin" by Paul Westermeyer
  • "Philip Melanchthon and John Calvin against Andreas Osiander: Coming to Terms with Forensic Justification" by Timothy J. Wengert
  • Postscript on the Religious Emotions in the Late- and Post-Reformation Era: Path Dependence and Innovation" by Susan C. Karant-Nunn
  • "Reconciliation and the Confession of Sins: The Evidence from the Consistory in Calvin's Geneva" by Jeffrey R. Watt
  • "The Prophet of the German Nation and Other Saint ·Sinner Martyrs among the Lutheran Stars" by Robert Kolb
  • Intra-Protestant Conflicts in 16'h Century Poland and Prussia -The Case of Benedict Morgenstern" by Henning P. Jurgens
  • "The Contemporary Reception of Luther and Calvin's Doctrine of Union with Christ: Mapping a Biblical, Catholic, and Reformational Motif" by J. Todd Billings
  • "The Church as Mother: The Theme of Union in Christ in Calvin's and
    Luther's Ecclesiology" by Theresa F. Latini
  • "United And Divided: Luther and Calvin in Modern Protestant Theology" by Christine Helmer

2009 Colloquium: "John Calvin, Myth and Reality"

  • "Demoting Calvin: The Issue of Calvin and the Reformed Tradition" by Richard A. Muller
  • "Calvin Never Changed His Mind - or Did He? Evidence from the Young Reformer's Teaching on Prayer" by Elsie Anne McKee
  • "The Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent: Myths, Realities, and Ambiguities in Calvin's Teaching about Women" by John L. Thompson
  • "Calvin and Church Discipline: Penance, Apology, and Reconciliation" by Diane C. Margolf
  • "The Elders' Gaze: Women and Consistorial Discipline in Late Sixteenth-Century France" by Graeme Murdock
  • "Elements of Calvin's Theology and Practice in the Reformed Churches of Java in the Seventeenth Century" by Yudha Thianto
  • "A Devil's Siren or an Angel's Throat? The Pipe Organ Controversy among the Calvinists" by Randall D. Engle
  • "'Cruel, Cold and False': Calvin and the Calvinists through the Eyes of Their Dutch Opponents (1566-1619)" by Mirjam G. K. van Veen
  • "Calvinism at the Borders of the Empire: Johannes Wigand and the Lutheran Reaction to Calvinism" by Irene Dingel
  • "Respect for the Word: What Calvin and Wittgenstein Had against Images" by Constantin Fasolt
  • "Gracious Provision: Calvin and His Heirs on Political Order" by David T. Koyzis
  • "The Doctrine of Scripture in the Calvinist Churches in Korea" by Jay J. Shim

2007 Colloquium: "john Calvin and Roman Catholicism" (On

  • “Introduction: Why John Calvin and Roman Catholicism?” by Randall C. Zachman
  • “Roman Catholic Lives of Calvin from Bolsec to Richelieu: Why the Interest?” by Irena Backus
  • “Calvin and the Nicodemites” by George H. Tavard, AA
  • “Friend and Foe: Reformed Genevans and Catholic Neighbors in the Time of Calvin” by Karen E. Spierling
  • “Rules of Engagement: Catholics and Protestants in the Diocese of Geneva, 1580-1633” by Jill Fehleison
  • In partibus infidelium: Calvinism and Catholic Identity in the Dutch Republic” by Charles H. Parker
  • “John Calvin, Accidental Anthropologist” by Carlos M. N. Eire
  • “Revising the Reform: What Calvin Learned from Dialogue with the Roman Catholics” by Randall C. Zachman
  • “Calvin and Sacramentality: A Catholic Perspective” by Dennis E. Tamburello

Publication - 2005 Calvin Beza Later Calvinism.png

2005 Colloquium: "Calvin, Beza and Later Calvinism"

  • “Calvin, Beza and the Defense of Marriage in the Sixteenth Century” by Christopher Elwood; a response by Herman J. Selderhuis
  • “The Journey Toward Geneva: Theodore Beza's Conversion, 1535-1548" by Scott M. Manetsch; a response by Jon Balserak
  • "The 'Crisping Pins of Anti-Christian Fashions': The Politics of Reformed Worship in the 1630s and the 1640s" by Carl R. Trueman; a response by Daniel Eppley
  • “Word against Image: A Reconsideration of Calvin's View on the Role of Art in Worship" by Michael Monheit; a response by Darlene Flaming
  • “Calvin’s Concern with Certainty in the Context of the Sixteenth Century” by Susan E. Schreiner; a response by John L. Thompson
  • “Hardened Hearts, Hardened Words: Calvin, Beza and the Trajectory of Signification" by Thomas J. Davis; a response by R. Scott Clark
  • “A Matter of Substance: Theodore Beza to Rene Descartes" by Jill P. Raitt; a response by Otto H. Selles

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2003 Colloquium: "Calvin And The Company of Pastors" ($15)

  • "These Holy Men: Calvin's Patristic Models for Establishing the Company of Pastors" by Irena Backus; a response by A. N. S. Lane
  • "The Congrégation: An In-Service Training Center for Preachers to the People of Geneva" by Erik A. deBoer; a response by G. Sujin Pak
  • "A Tale of Three Churches: Parishes and Pastors in Basel, Strasbourg, and Geneva" by Amy Nelson Burnett; a response by Gary Hansen
  • "Calvin and Erasmus on Pastoral Formation" by Laurel Carrington
  • "The Apostolic and Pastoral Office: Theory and Practice in Calvin's Geneva" by Darlene K. Flaming; a response by Thomas J. Davis
  • "Calvin's Exegetical Understanding of the Office of Pastor" by R. Ward Holder; a response by Tom Trinidad
  • "Pastors in the French and Hungarian Reformed Churches: Two Models of Reform" by Glenn S. Sunshine

2002 Colloquium: "John Calvin and the Interpretation of Scripture"

  • “Calvin's Commentary and Sermons on Acts 1-7: a Comparison" by David F. Wright
  • “Calvin's Sermons on Ephesians: Expounding and Applying Scripture" by Randall Zachman
  • “John Calvin and the Sensus Literalis” by Richard Burnett
  • “John Calvin's Non-Literal Interpretation of Scripture: On Allegory" by Gary Neal Hansen
  • “Calvin and Patterns of Identity in Reformed Theology” by Merwyn Johnson
  •  “The Role of Scripture in Calvin's Doctrine of Justification” by Anthony N. S. Lane

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2001 Colloquium: "Calvin And The Church" ($15)

  • "Calvin and State in Calvin's Geneva" by William G. Naphy
  • "Acting on Calvin's Ideas: The Church in France" by Raymond A. Mentzer; a response by Glenn S. Sunshine
  • "Church on Stage: Calvin's Dynamic Ecclesiology" by Herman J. Selderhuis; a response by H. Ward Holder
  • "Calvin, the Church and Ethics" by Guenther (Gene) Haas; a response by Arie G. Griffioen
  • "The Polemic Against Calvin: The Origins and Consequences of Historical Reputation" by Merilynne Robinson
  • "He Who Is Not Capable of One Is Not Capable of the Other: Calvin, Baptism and Excommunication in Sixteenth-Century Geneva" by Karen E. Spierling; a response by Elsie Anne McKee
  • "Children and the Church in Calvin's Geneva" by Barbara Pitkin; a response by I. John Hesselink

2000 Colloquium: "John Calvin and the Interpretation of Scripture"

  • “Faith between God and the Devil: Calvin's Doctrine of Faith as Reflected in his Commentary on the Psalms" by Herman Selderhuis
  • “The Legacy of Peter Martyr and the Martyr Translation Project” by Frank James
  • “A Tale of Two Simultaneities: Justification and Sanctification in Calvin and Barth" by George Hunsinger
  • “The Sealing with the Holy Spirit in Bucer and Calvin” by Willem van’t Spijker
  • “The Irony of Contemporary Presbyterian Worship” by Darryl Hart

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1999 Colloquium: "The Legacy of John Calvin" ($15)

  • "Calvin's Academic and Educational Legacy" by Karin Maag; a response by W. Fred Graham
  • "Calvin's Exegetical Legacy: His Reception and Transmission of Text and Tradition" by John L. Thompson; a response by Barbara Pitkin
  • "Calvin's Ethical Legacy" by Merwyn S. Johnson
  • "Preaching and Presence: Constructing Calvin's Homiletical Legacy" by Thomas J. Davis; a response by Randall C. Zachman
  • "Calvin's Socio-Political Legacy: Collective Government, Resistance to Tyranny, Discipline" by Robert M. Kingdon; a response by Jeannine E. Olson
  • "Images and Themes in Calvin's Theology of Liturgy: One Dimension of Calvin's Liturgical Legacy" by John D. Witvliet; a response by R. Ward Holder
  • "Constructing Tradition: Schleiermacher, Hodge, and the Theological Legacy of John Calvin" by B. A. Gerrish; a response by Philip W. Butin

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1998 International congress on Calvin Research: Calvinus Evangelii Propugnator - Calvin, Champion of the Gospel ($15)

  • “A Search for the Roots of Korean Calvinism in the Religion of John Calvin” by Han, Chul-Ha
  • “Calvins Denken in Relationen” by Michael Beintker
  • “New Sources and New Ideas on the Life and Career of Calvin, 1541-1557” by J. William Naphy
  • “Calvin and Calvinists on Resistance to Government” by Robert M. Kingdon
  • “Why was Calvin so Severe a Critic of Nicodemism?” by David F Wright
  • “Toward the Recovery of the Historical Calvin: Redrawing the Map of Reformation Europe” by Heiko Oberman
  • “Calvin and the Good Life: Augustine's Logic of uti/frui in Institutes 3:10” by Kyung-Y. Burchill-Limb
  • “The Young Calvin and Later Calvin: Changes in His Theology” by Yang Ho Lee
  • “Mettre ordre en l'Eglise de Dieu: The Election of Officers in Calvin's Sermons on the Acts of the Apostles” by Wilhelmus H. Th. Moehn
  • “Calvin lecteur de la Bible en chaire” by Max Engammare
  • “Calvins Gebrauch des Begriffs ‘religio’” by Peter Opitz
  • “ Providence in Calvin: Calvin's View of God's Use of Means (media) in his Acts of Providence” by Pieter C. Potgieter
  • “Calvin and Beza: The Role of the Decree-Execution Distinction in their Theologies” by Donald W. Sinnema

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1998 Calvin Conference ($15)

  • "Calvin's Theology of the Psalms" by Herman Selderhuis
  • "Bondage and Liberation in Calvin's Treatise Against Pighius" by A.N.S. Lane
  • "Was John Calvin a 'Rhetorical A Theologian'?" by David F. Wright
  • "Directions in Calvin Research" by Richard A. Muller
  • "Calvin: A Prophet Without a Prophecy" by Max Engammare
  • "Reflections on the State of Reformed Theology in Central Europe" by Gerhard Sauter
  • "Efforts to Control Hate in Calvin's Geneva" by Robert M. Kingdon

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1996 Calvin Conference: The Westminster Confession in Current Thought ($15)

  • "The Westminster Confession in Its Historical, Social and Theological Context" by John H. Leith
  • “The Only Way of Man’s Salvation: Scripture in the Westminster Confession" by Richard A. Muller
  • "Baptists and the Westminster Confession" by Timothy George
  • "The Influence of the Westminster Confession of Faith on American Culture" by James C. Goodloe IV
  • "Heinrich Bullinger, the Covenant, and the Reformed Tradition in Retrospect" by J. Wayne Baker
  • "Baptism at the Westminster Assembly" by David Wright
  • "The Westminster Directory and Reform of Worship" by Stanley R. Hall
  • "The Spirituality of the Church, the Westminster Standards, and Nineteenth-Century American Presbyterianism" by D. G. Hart

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1994 Calvin Conference ($15)

  • "Christ's Ministry and Ours: A Trinitarian and Reformed Perspective on the Ministry of the Whole People of God" by Philip W. Butin
  • "Sixteenth-Century Reformed Perspectives on the Minority Church" by David F. Wright
  • "Barth as a Scholar and Interpreter of Calvin" by William Klempa
  • "Calvin as Evangelist: A Sturdy of the Reformer's Sermons in Preparation for the Christian Celebration of Passover" by Hughes Oliphant Old
  • "What is Reformed Spirituality? Played Over Again Lightly" by Hughes Oliphant Old
  • "Matthew Henry and the Puritan Discipline of Prayer" by Hughes Oliphant Old

Publication - 1985 Calvin Ethics.png
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  • "Calvin and the Dilemma of Hypocrisy" by William J. Bouwsma
  • "The Law in John Calvin's Ethics" by William F. Keesecker
  • "Calvin's Conversion to Teachableness" by Wilhelm H. Neuser
  • "Persuasion in Calvin's Theology: Implications for His Ethics" by E. David Willis
  • "Calvin and the Sixth Commandment" by Daniel A. Augsburger
  • "A Scrap of Bread and a Right Conscience" by David Foxgrover