Calvin studies Society

2017 Colloquium - registration OPTIONs


As one final option for our colloquium guests, we are offering the possibility to purchase Meal Vouchers to the Baylor University foodcourt.  If you would like to do so, please use the form below. 

If you do not want Meal Vouchers, you are finished - simply close this page!  We will see you at the 2017 Colloquium!

STEP 1: select Meal vouchers (OPTIONAL)

Meal Vouchers are $10 each, for a single meal in the Baylor University Penland Foodcourt - lunch (on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday) or dinner (on Thursday).  Thursday night programming will end before dinner, so participants are free to explore local restaurants on their own if they choose. The foodcourt offers approximately 10 stations, featuring a variety of dining options such as a Smokehouse, Mexican, Mediterranean, Deli, and (for the sweet tooth) a fresh bakery. Meal Voucher cancellations must be made more than one month before the conference to receive a refund.

1 Meal Voucher

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4 Meal Vouchers

STEP 2: Proceed to payment (Click HERE)